Tango Experiential Festival

Tango Experiential Festival!
10-15, July 2018, Fuzine, Croatia
The second-year edition of the neo Tango Experiential Festival (TEF) is dedicated to - the Five Elements.
It is said that the whole world is composed of 5 elements. Everything there is, is a dance, a game, of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and all-connecting and ever-present, Spirit. Everything, including you, exists as a result of their infinite combinations. You cannot escape them – as you ARE them.
​This is why the TEF 2018 is dedicated to them. They will be present in our activities, atmosphere, and inner reflections…
​The Festival is held in the beautiful surroundings of Gorski kotar, in Fužine, Croatia, 30-min drive from the sea, but still in the mountain part that makes the temperatures in the summer perfect!
More at: www.tango-experiential.com
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